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Service: git
Updated: 1582677189

Cgit is an internal service used by many members of
Cyberia for version control purposes. It also serves as a
source of truth for many of our records. We use by Jason Donenfeld with a
custom CSS theme.

== Quickstart
Click "Git" on your navigation bar. :)

== How-Tos

> When I clone a repository, which URL should I use?

There are two URLs, and they serve different purposes.

-> git@ is a read-write URL.
-> https:// is a read-only URL.

> How do I make a new repository?

Login to gibson and issue the mkrepo command.

-> ssh -p 3215
-> sudo -u git mkrepo folder/reponame

== Resources  ==

Git is meant to be straightforward, and we use it as
intended. A simple remote repository, with no frills,
that hosts our code and gives us a space to collaborate.

We submit patches via mailing list - this gives us a
universal code delta (git + a diff) over a universal
medium (email).

currently, patches should be sent to ``.

Is the server backed up?
Yeah, all of git is backed up many times per day to a
redundant ZFS volume.

How do I see files?
Go to a repo and click `tree`.

== Changelog  ==
- 2020-01-31: cgit was moved to a new URL (from to
- 2020-02-25: cgit was moved back to its'
  original URL

(c) Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
    Cyberia Computer Club 2020-∞

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