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Subject: Simple trusted compute: Announcing Capsul
From: j3s
Date: 11/03/2020

|                                                      |
|                 ANNOUNCING CAPSUL                    |
|                                                      |

Over the last year we've moved at light speed. Cyberia
Computer Club is now an entity. A formal nonprofit
organization with a democratic structure.

We organized and bought a server. We crowdfunded, and
spent countless nights testing different configurations.
We strived to make the service very simple, and very
maintainable. We're very proud of what we're announcing
today. We think it's a very unique service.

Capsul is a service that provides people with compute in
the form of virtual machines. All machines run on very
fast solid state storage, and have direct T3 network
access on a shared link. We do not collect user data
(besides your email address), and discard as many logs as
we feasibly can. Every VM is automatically backed up
A more official privacy policy and TOS are coming soon.

To get you excited, here's a list of initially supported
operating systems:

          operating system  supported
          ----------------  ---------
          alpine            yes
          ubuntu18          yes
          debian10          yes
          centos7           yes
          centos8           yes
          OpenBSD 6.6       planned
          GuixSD 1.0.1      planned
          Windows           no, never
          AIX               whyyyy

Our prices start at ~$5.99 a month:

        type    yearly cost  cpus  memory  ssd
        ------  -----------  ----  ------  ----
        f1-s    $70          1     512M    10G
        f1-m    $120         1     1024M   25G
        f1-l    $240         1     2048M   55G
        f1-x    $480         2     4096M   80G
        f1-xx   $960         4     8096M   160G
        f1-xxx  $1920        8     16G     320G

Capsul is very easy to use - no signup or registration is
necessary. Simply send an email to with
your requirements, and you'll have VMs that you can ssh
into within a day or so.

Capsul machines are currently paid for on a yearly basis,
and we'll make every effort to remind you of payment
before your year expires. Capsul is very price-similar to
services like Vultr or Digital Ocean.

> What sets Capsul apart?

Simply: our organization and our morality.

Cyberia Computer Club values privacy, simplicity,
transparency, accessibility, and inclusion.  We have no
shareholders, investors, or loaners, therefore every
change we make is directly beneficial to you. We actually
care about your experience, and it will only get better
with time - never worse.

We have a lot more coming for Capsul. The next planned
features include:
- private networking
- openbsd support
- monthly payments
- instant provisioning and decoms
- ipv6 support (with a reduced price instance type)
- a storage service (for those who want pictures)

That's all for now! Send us an email and get started with
Capsul today! :)



additional resources;

Check out the Capsul website:
Check out our bylaws here:
Donate to the cause:
All of our source code:
Chat with us on Matrix:
Chat with us on IRC: #cyberia on freenode

(c) Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
    Cyberia Computer Club 2020-∞

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