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Subject: How to write a blog post for Cyberia
From: j3s
Date: 25/02/2020

Hi everyone! The new site design is live! Mad inspiration
taken from

In this blog post, I'll be walking through how to add a
new blog post to the site, but first: specific
requirements for formatting your blog post.

* git and git send-email (
* a text editor

Requirements (in the form of commandments)
* thou post shalt be written in plain text
  > posts appear exactly as written
* no line of thy post shalt be wider than 57 characters
  > this breakeths the smol phones
  > this rule isn't firm, but is a best practice

So, with the above in your head, you're ready to write a
blog post. You have questions! Naturally. Let me
preemptively answer them.

because everybody knows
plain text

the beauty of plain ascii is that
you get to decide how to do your own

for example:

|               Col1                 |  Col2   |
| trash                              | Value 2 |
| garbage                            | cols    |
| This is a pretty traditional table |         |


│               Col1               │  Col2   │
│ Value 1                          │ Value 2 │
│ Separate                         │ cols    │
│ This is a row with only one cell │         │

or, simply:

           random text               header 
 ---------------------------------- --------
  awihfiweoifj owiefj w              strange
  Big blah blah time                 things 
  Blah blah blah

The choice is yours! Just keep them under 57 chars wide!
If you need wider tables, consider linking to an external
source or linking to a picture.

Before you put text to document, let's make things easy
on you - I've written a script to generate a new blog
post! It's very simple. Let's go through the steps

-> cd ~/projects
-> git clone
-> cd website/blog
-> ./mkblog title-of-blog-post
-> ls -l # discover the new blog posts name

Now you can open the new blog post in the text editor of
your choice! Proceed with writing it.









Now that you're finished writing, it's time to submit
your blog to a maintainer for approval! The simplest way
of doing this is via email. We use the process built into
git for this - git-send-mail.

First, if you aren't subscribed to the
mailing list yet, be sure to subscribe.

After you have received confirmation that you were
subscribed to the mailing list, send us a patch!

-> git add .
-> git commit -m 'Add blog post about unicorns'
-> git send-email --to="" HEAD^

Tah dah! That's it, your patch has been submitted.

Now that you have submitted your own blog post, it is
time to wrap up!

I've used several different header and writing styles
throughout this document to give you an idea of how you
can write your own posts. Hopefully that is helpful and

I hope that you will see that plain text can be a
liberating and artistic format! The only limitation is
the character width :]

Now go forth and write your own post about unicorns, or
games, or something even slightly related to Cyberian
interests, (like how narwhals don't exist) and submit it!
Make a little project out of it! It's a good way to
broadcast branch happenings, meetings, or personal
projects. Or talk about your new RPG system, or
philosophy, or opinion!

That's all for now. As always, this post is the result of
much thought, from your humble head of services.


^(;,;)^ j3s ^(;,;)^

(c) Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
    Cyberia Computer Club 2020-∞

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